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All the praises to almightily Allah. We’re so happy to introduce about our institute right now. It’s one of the biggest organization in Sri Lanka which is providing the better education with Islamic culture. This is named as Annoor Arabic College.

Now there are up to 200 students in the full time batches and the vision of our college is providing the well education in the cultural and religious environment. It brings the student towards bright future also there are up to 20 foreign students from Middle East and Asia.


The Annoor Arabic College is situated in the beautiful village called Siyambalagaskotuwa of the part of Kurunagale district and Kuliyapitiya election center. Here lot of students are studying well from Sri Lanka and foreign countries such Jordan, Maldives, Cambodia and Palestine.

The Annoor Arabic College was founded on 1990th April 15th through the public in collaborate with trustee board of Jalalillah Masjid as well as the case to be pointed that the community leader Ash-Sheikh S.D.MUnawwar (Deeni Binnoori) had been appointed as a principal of the college, and it has been being implemented till now by the same leader.

Annoor Arabic College is being operated from 1990 through the best trustee board who have been chosen from the village leaders around the Masjid Jalaliyyah area.

Although when our college was beginning with only fifteen students and a teacher almost ten years ago. But it’s a miracle from almighty god Allah that after the next 15 years Nooriyaah has grown up with two hundred local students and 30 international students with up to thirty teachers. All praises belongs to Almighty Allah.

Annoor Arabic College
Sri Lanka

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