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4 years ago   Admin

The eleven year educations structure of An-Noor Arabic College. This is a syllabus of Islamic Law (Sari-ah) and Arabic Language and below the subjects, it has contained to continue their higher education at Islamic Universities.

1. Memorize the Quran

2. Sri Lanka Ordinary Level Syllabus

3. Ahadiyyah Examinations

4. Darmachaarya Examination

5. AL – Aaleem Muthawassidah

6. AL - Aaleem Saanawiyyah

7. Highest Islamic Law (Sariyah, Movlavi)

8. SriLanka Advance Level Syllabus (Arts, Commerce)

9. Skills to enter Universities

10. Technologies (Business and Computing IT)


♣ 1st Year
This is first year
♣ 2nd Year
This is second year
♣ 3rd Year
This is third year

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4 years ago   admin

The name list of pupils who have selected to the 2017th Education Year in Annoor Arabic College. It is our pleasure to convey these.

4 years ago   admin

Arabic Day will be started on 5th September 2016 with several student programs. #Arabic_Day