Interview Date - 2017-10-22

The eleven year educations structure of An-Noor Arabic College. This is a syllabus of Islamic Law (Sari-ah) and Arabic Language and below the subjects, it is contained to continue their higher education at Islamic Universities.

  1. Memorize the Quran
  2. Sri Lanka Ordinary Level Syllabus
  3. Ahadiyyah Examinations
  4. Darmachaarya Examination
  5. AL – Aaleem Muthawassidah
  6. AL - Aaleem Saanawiyyah
  7. Highest Islamic Law (Sariyah, Movlavi)
  8. SriLanka Advance Level Syllabus (Arts, Commerce)
  9. Skills to enter Universities
  10. Technologies (Business and Computing IT)

Requirements of the pupil
Well health conditions to continue study without obstruction.
Goodness and well attractive
Memorizing Unit ( Hifl)
Age should be eleven years when 2018th January 31st
Can be recite Quran well
High priority to who won the grade five scholarship examination
Sari-ah Unit
Age should not be up to sixteen years when 2018th January 31st
Must be completed of the Quran memorize and also reclamation (Dawra)
High priority to who has a requirement for continue grade eight syllabus
Note :-
These courses will be started on 2018th January, Hence if you are interested to study at here kindly send your admission us before 2017th October 22nd. For further clarification kindly visit us our website and download our admission form
Keep consideration on our interview schedule at 2017th October 22nd.

   Interview Information
Intake Year Interview Date Section
2018 2017-10-22 Hifz
2018 2017-10-22 Islamic Law

Download the application form from the below mentioned link, fill up and post us before the interview date, We will not accept the applications which will be sent us after the deadline

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